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8 Weekend Home Improvement Projects


Like the rest of the working world, our weekdays (Monday-Friday) are jam-packed with, well….everyday life.

When a weekend approaches, so many of us are staring down a multitude of home improvement on our “honey-do”  lists. We’ve compiled at list of home improvement projects that you can start (and likely finish) in a weekend.

1.) Interior Painting
– This is a no-brainer, folks! Adding a fresh coat of paint in your home gives a whole new feeling (and sometimes a breath of fresh air) to your home. Take some time to tape off areas that you don’t want paint on (trim, baseboard heating, vents, etc.). Use a drop cloth on the floor, as well, to avoid any potential paint spills. This will save you a ton of clean-up time in the long run. If you prefer not to tape prior to painting, be sure to use an angled brush when “cutting in” areas where trim, etc., might be exposed. Keep a damp cloth or paper towel handy to cleanup any paint drips along the way. See our Pohaki Lumber Design Center pros for the latest and greatest interior paint colors and painting supplies.

2.) Upcycling Furniture or Cabinets – Whether you’ve got a cherished vintage heirloom on your hands, a hand-me-down hutch or sideboard, or a dresser from the ’80s, you can give it a whole new life by “up cycling” it! This is also a great option for cabinets that are still in great shape (functionally). This can be as easy as a coat of Valspar Chalky Paint!



3.) Boom! You’ve Got Yourself a New Backsplash – With a convenient and simple installation process, Fasade backsplash panels can make your kitchen feel brand new! You can even use them as panels on your ceiling to give your kitchen a look that’s totally unique!

4.) Closet Storage System – With the help of our design center pros, we can customize a closet storage system that’ll leave you looking like the most organized person on the block! Just stop in with your closet measurements and our team will draft a storage system specifically for your closet. We’ll order the products and you’ll be ready to install your newly organized storage in a jiffy (or, in a weekend).

5.) Shut The (front) Door –
Installing a new screen or storm door before mosquito season hits in full force will leave you feeling comfy all summer (and fall…and winter) long! Bring in your measurements and we’ll help you pick out a door that fits the style of your home. Plus, it can even be an energy saver if that old door of yours isn’t shutting properly! We’ll order the door if it’s not in stock and you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy all that a Minnesota summer has to offer!

6.) Start growing – Though it’s hard to believe, our northern Minnesota growing season is quickly approaching. Start your veggie (or even flower) seeds indoors, prior to the start of the growing season! This will give your plants a good, strong head start (vs. planting direct from seed into your garden)!

7.) Patio – When the spring season finally arrives, with a little muscle and horsepower, you can totally construct a patio in a weekend. (Of course, there might be some landscaping prep work ahead of time. ) Start thinking about creating an outdoor living space that you and your family and friends can enjoy for years to come! Our Pohaki pros will help you pick out the best stone for your patio and will even help you design and plan so you can finish off this project in a weekend’s time.

8.) Door/Drawer Handles/Pulls – If your cabinet door/drawer handles are, you know, that shiny brass color (or another “interesting” color) and in need of some updating, it can be as simple as a coat of spray paint. From oil-rubbed bronze to nickel or silver or black (or a pop of color), there are oodles of options to resurface your cabinet handles and it’s as easy as a coat of spray paint! No need to purchase all-new handles or pulls! True story….we’ll show you how in blog posts to come!

Can you think of any other home improvement projects that can be completed on a weekend? Better yet, what kinds of home improvement projects have YOU started and finished within a weekend? We’d love to hear from you!