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9 Easy and Affordable DIY Kitchen Projects


If a huge expense comes to mind when thinking about a kitchen project, don’t feel discouraged. There are many small, cosmetic projects you can do fairly inexpensively and quickly to add some flair to your kitchen. In fact, according to a survey conducted by SoFi.com, 44 percent of homeowners say the primary motivator for any upcoming projects is purely cosmetic.

Below you’ll find some fun ideas to tackle indoors this winter while not busting the budget. Follow our Pinterest board for Easy Kitchen Improvement Ideas.

Create some texture

Photo from Fox Hollow Cottage.com

Here’s a genius idea: for a small wall, use flooring to add some awesome texture. Textured wall paint or wallpaper can create an eye-appealing pop in your kitchen. And if your walls suffer from kid collisions, dog scratches, or maybe some imperfections from that first drywall project, adding texture can be an easy cover-up.

Strive for a color contrast that will enhance the overall look of the room, yet compliment the whole design.

Add a Backsplash

A backsplash project can literally be accomplished from start to finish within a few hours. If budget allows, tiles are fantastic. But consider self-adhesive backsplashes as an affordable (and easy to apply) option. As a bonus to the added texture and eye-catching color, it will be easier to clean! Check out our line of backsplashes and some backsplash ideas on our Pinterest board.

Add some shelving and knickknacks

Take a good look at your walls or bare cupboard sides and think about adding some small shelving.

  • Consider a place to showcase your cookbooks, knickknacks or family photos.
  • Install a simple drying rack above your sink to save counter space
  • Think vertical: take advantage of the space above counters and add a hanging shelve to display some artwork or pottery
  • Think open: open shelving can highlight some unique kitchenware, your cookbook collection, or even a mishmash of dishes

Change your hardware & paint your cabinets

Sometimes even the littlest changes can create a whole new look and feel. If your kitchen cupboard knobs remind you of great grandma’s 70s-style kitchen, maybe it’s time to add a modern flair with a new coat of paint and some sleek and cool hardware. If there’s no hope left for your current cabinets, it doesn’t hurt to check out brand new ones.

Seek some new lighting

Lighting doesn’t have to simply be functional: it can influence your mood, highlight creativity and add a new level of style to your kitchen.

  • Create ambiance with lighted wall art
  • Add a unique light fixture
  • Pendant lights add some depth and lines to a room

Add a chalkboard-painted wall

Here’s an idea that makes both kids, parents, and guests happy: a chalkboard-painted wall. In addition to sparking random creativity, a chalkboard painted wall can be highly functional. Use it to keep grocery lists, track upcoming sports games and manage those chaotic schedules! (BTW, you can grab a gallon at Pohaki.)

Work in some minor new décor

It’s amazing how such subtle additions to your kitchen can really add a flair. Take a hard look at your kitchen and identify if that stained rug or bare kitchen stools could use an update. Think contrast when considering a new rug or cushions to chairs. Also, appliances don’t have to be hidden! Search for a retro toaster or how about this pug ceramic cookie jar?

Add a magnetic strip

Heck, add one to your bathroom, too! Magnetic strips are incredibly cheap and can be a fun and functional addition to your kitchen or bathroom. Expand your mind beyond flat tools: check out this idea that secures mason or spice jars underneath a cupboard.

Splash on some color

Pick a wall. Buy a gallon of paint and voila! You have a whole new look. Also consider painting door or window frames, or your kitchen cabinets. With the addition of some new window treatments, you’re completely upgraded your kitchen’s look.

Pick out New Window Treatments

Photo courtesy of The DIY Mommy

When’s the last time you took a good hard look at your windows? For a relatively small expense, a fun pattern or bold color could add an elegant touch to your kitchen. Again, think subtle contrast, a complementary pattern, or perhaps a new texture, like wooden blinds.

Replace countertops

Ok, this one isn’t cheap, per se. You may have to budget for new countertops, but it’s still a minor change that adds major improvement to your kitchen. Even if you have a small budget, but high-end tastes, there are ways to achieve your look without breaking the bank. Check out our countertop collection, too!

We hope these ideas drive you to make some enhancements to your kitchen. And of course, if you’re up for a complete kitchen overhaul, Pohaki Lumber can assist you with design and a variety of kitchen products. We’re here for you and we love what we do.