History - Pohaki



Our History: A building tradition for almost 70 years.

A lot of people believe Pohaki is a Native American word. Located deep in the heart of thick pine and birch forests that surround clear spring-fed lakes near Virginia, Minnesota, it’s not hard to imagine a mystical, mysterious meaning in the name of this century-old company. A Native American image was even used in the company logo years ago.Truth is the company’s name came from the first two letters of the three owners who founded Pohaki Lumber Company more than 67 years ago. Steve POgorelce, Newton HAhne and Clarence KIntner purchased a yard that was built in 1896 as a retail store for a local sawmill and was known as W.T. Bailey Lumber Company.

Allen Williams began working at Pohaki in 1964 and married Mary Pogorelce in 1967. By 1970 Pogorelce was the sole owner, and Williams took over the business from his father-in-law in 1988. History repeats itself in 2001, when Brandon Seppala (married to Heather, Al & Mary’s daughter) began working at Pohaki. In 2008, Brandon & Heather purchased the business and became the third generation owners of the family business.

Times have changed since there were multiple local family run yards in almost every community. Now we see those businesses being replaced with “big box” stores. That is why maintaining a strong and loyal customer base with personal & customized service is a top priority at Pohaki Lumber Company. Stop by and try the Pohaki Experience!