Easy DIY – Cabinet Hardware Refinish


Resurfacing your cabinet pulls can give your existing cabinetry a whole new look. Plus, it’s cost effective, especially if the hardware itself is in great condition (and you’re still happy with the style of it.)

We attempted this very project this past weekend, and finished in one day’s time. (Actual completion time may be dependent on drying time.)

Here’s the “before” picture — cabinetry looking all “brassy.”


Here’s how it’s done.

1.) Pick out the color of spray paint you’d like to use. You can pick out something fun, creative and/or eclectic, based on your cabinetry style. Or, you can pick something neutral, classy and timeless. OR, one that coordinates with your appliances. Because we were placing the soon-to-be resurfaced hardware on cherry-colored cabinetry, we selected Rust-oleum Universal Metallic Paint & Primer in One, in an oil-rubbed bronze finish. This can be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store.


2.) Remove the hardware from the cabinet surface. We simply used a hand-held screw driver to remove the hardware. Based upon the style and design of your hardware, you could likely make a template to wrap around the hardware while it’s on the cabinet, but we don’t recommend that, as there’s often overspray when using spray paint and you certainly don’t want that on your cabinets. Tip: You might also choose to wipe down your hardware at this time, to ensure even paint coverage.


3.) Protect the surface on which you’ll spray the hardware. Find some cardboard or newspaper on which to lay the cabinet hardware prior to spraying. We used several different cardboard boxes for our project.


4.) Find a well-ventilated area to start painting. We took advantage of the beautiful northern Minnesota weather this past weekend and chose to do the spray painting outside (away from the house and other surfaces, to avoid overspray). You might also choose to wear a mask to protect yourself from inhalation of paint fumes.

Use long, even strokes as you spray.  You don’t have to cover it all in one coat. It’s best to let it dry and apply a second or third coat (to ensure complete coverage). Tip: If you choose to spray paint while outdoors, you won’t want to do this on a windy day. The wind will carry the paint, providing for less than ideal coverage, and will likely blow sand, dirt, grass, etc., with the risk of said materials becoming stuck/attached to your newly resurfaced hardware.


5.) Turn handles to ensure paint coverage. Once you’ve covered the front/sides of the hardware, be sure to turn it so that you paint/cover the back of the pulls, too.


6.) Allow to dry.
Let your newly resurfaced hardware dry completely. This is a good time to clean/wipe off the surface of your cabinets, before you install your hardware again. Tip: You won’t want to allow the hardware to dry outside while it’s windy, as “stuff” might stick to it.


7.) Start re-installing your hardware. Once everything is completely dry, it’s time to reinstall the hardware. Then, BAM! A whole new look for your cabinetry! We took this hardware from brassy to classy! What do you think?