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New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized – 8 Easy Hacks to Get You Started


Every year, thousands of Americans make New Year’s resolutions – commitments to improve their lives, get organized, or perhaps (after the New Year’s Eve celebration) to never drink again. However, an article in Forbes magazine suggests that according to research just 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s goals! That doesn’t sound too encouraging, does it?

Don’t’ worry – there’s hope. Most people try to do too much or set too lofty of goals. To succeed, try to keep your pledges simple, realistic, and continue to believe in yourself!

If this year, you resolve to get organized, you wouldn’t be alone. In 2017, next to getting healthy, getting organized was at the top of New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, “Get Organized” as a resolution accrued more than 33 million Google searches in 2017.

Get Organized to Reduce Stress

In addition to actually finding things, getting organized can dramatically help reduce STRESS. It can even contribute to reducing depression and even ulcers. Huffington Post reports that “Eighty-four percent of recently stressed Americans say they worry that their home isn’t clean or organized enough, and within that group, 55 percent called it out as a source of recent stress.”

Start Small for Success

If you feel overwhelmed with all there is to do, just take on a few little projects per month. Find tasks that can be accomplished in a couple of hours, which will feel rewarding immediately. Then, maybe you’ll find the motivation to take on something bigger – like a complete closet overhaul.

8 Easy Organization Hacks to Get You Started

We’ve collected a few of the best organization hacks around the web that are easy and affordable to implement. Also, we’ll be posting new organization ideas for the month of January on our Home Organization Pinterest board; you can follow us for inspiration.

  1. Garment Bag for Wrapping Paper

Instead of shoving the clumsy tubes of gift wrap in the back of some closet, try this method: stack them in a garment bag and either hang them in a closet or somewhere in the basement. This will keep them from unraveling, getting torn and taking up a lot of space. Get 18 Genius Double-Duty Organizing Ideas. 

2. Add File Boxes to a Pantry or Closet

Try this inexpensive and effective method for cleaning up that pantry: use and label file boxes to store bulk spices, small boxes, and bags of dry goods. Plastic storage containers or baskets would work great, too. Find even more small pantry organization ideas.

3. Organize Container Lids with a CD Rack

Uh! Lids here, there, everywhere! Or on the contrary, you can never find the one you’re looking for. We hear you. Lifehacker suggests inexpensive CD racks to neatly organize all your lids. Choose one that will fit well in a drawer or cupboard. Check out other slick lid organization ideas on Pinterest.

4. Use a Shoe Rack to Store Supplies

Blogger the Frugal Free Gal, shows us how over the door shoe racks can store a multitude of things, from kids art supplies to pantry items to cleaning supplies. Here are some cool ideas for using over-the-door shoe racks for organizing.

5. Use Coat hooks to Hang Your Shoes

Try mounting a coat hanger with hooks low on the wall to neatly hang shoes and keep them out of the way. Martha Stewart offers a fistful of other entryway organizing ideas.

6. Store Sheets in Their Matching Pillow Case

Who’d a thunk? Once again, Marth Stewart demonstrates how stuffing a pillowcase with its matching sheets makes for smart storage, keeps everything together, and is easy to grab the whole set at one time when it’s time to make the bed.

7. Consider Shower Rings

Closet and cabinet clutter solved! Use shower rings to hang scarves, belts, purses and more. View more ideas in this Good Housekeeping gallery.

8. Add Baskets to Your Door

You can purchase over-the-door or cupboard baskets for your closet or pantry, or you can DIY with a couple of screws and a drill. Either way, these are the perfect storage for socks and scarves, chips and crackers, or hair styling products. Here are 36 other ways to add storage to your home from BuzzFeed.

Ask a Pro

Pohaki Storage SystemsFinally, if you’re thinking you could use a complete closet overhaul, you can always ask a professional at Pohaki for help. Installing closet systems can help you make the most out of tight spaces, taking advantage of unused space. With the addition of shelving, extra hanging space, and other storage pieces, your closet can go from daunting to dazzling.

Happy New Year! And remember, you CAN get organized this year – one small project at a time.

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