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Smart Use for Small Spaces


We’ve all seen pictures or shows about the tiny homes and how the owners get creative with the storage space inside them. What if you could do the same inside your home? Below are a few simple ways you can utilize some of that unused space in your home.

  1. Not enough storage space in your kitchen or bathroom? Try installing floor to ceiling shelves on an open wall that is not being used. Not only will this help you gain more storage space, but that empty wall you never knew quite what to do with now has a purpose!
  1. Another good way to add more storage space to your bathroom (after the wall shelves have been installed), is to add in some attractive canisters and small wicker baskets. Not only will this look nice, but you can store your bathroom essentials inside them rather than in the big bulky packaging they come in.
  1. Use that space beneath the stairs! Add in some shelving units and you have storage space! Make it more attractive by adding in some family photos, books, or however you’d like!
  1. Need more storage in your living room but don’t feel like installing wall shelves? Purchase an ottoman that has storage inside it where you can keep items you do not use every day. Ottomans also serve as an additional table or perch for your feet!
  1. With smaller bedrooms, get a daybed. They take up less space than a regular bed, in which they do not protrude into the middle of the floor, but rather stay up against the wall. Plus, most daybeds come with storage space or shelving beneath them for additional storage.

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